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Needle & Thread

I see young girls with old faces
I see good girls in bad places
I see plain girls in finery
And every one be the death of me

Needle and Thread, Needle and Thread
Hand me down my Needle and Thread
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey
I thread up my needle and then
Gonna sew my soul back together again

Now pretty Caitlin she went too far
Shaking all she had at the topless bar
Right in the face of Ben and Bob
Put a little too much into the job

Now sweet Myfanwe she took a shine
Dumped me for Dai worked down the mine
I was a temp, Dai was a keeper
He knew how to dig that little bit deeper

(Words and music Richard Thompson)

Hierachter zit de hele aflevering van het wekelijkse Jools Holland programma. Daarin nog twee optredens van de Richard Thompson Band. Als je nu even geen tijd hebt, kijk dan alleen even naar de eerste twee minuten van de uitzending. Merk de meerwaarde op van weten waar je het over hebt.

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