Thank Yous for “Stand by your President”

Film director Ineke Smits and Sandra Roelofs (from Terneuzen), former first lady of the republic of Georgia after the first screening of “Stand by your President” a documentary about the last year of her being first lady. Sandra’s husband Mikheil Saakashvili fled to New York after his two terms in office (25 Jan 2004 – 17 Nov 2013). It’s a self-imposed exile, plotting a triumphant return, even as his steep fall from grace serves as a cautionary tale to the American government officials who had hoped he would be a model exporter of democracy to former Soviet republics. In the documentary Sandra is wondering if democracy would be an ideal system for the people of Georgia.

The first screening of the documentary took place without mr Saakashvili’s consent and will be shown in Tbilisi in December 2014.

Location: Amsterdam, Tuschinski 1
Date: November 23 2014
Event: International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Filmregisseur Ineke Smits en Sandra Roelofs (uit Terneuzen), echtgenote van de ex-president van de republiek Georgie na de premiere van “Stand by your President”, documentaire over haar laatste jaar als presidentsvrouw. Sandra’s echtgenoot Mikheil Saakasjvili vluchtte naar New York na zijn twee ambtsperiodes (25 januari 2004 – 17 november 2013).